More information on this 'Coupe d'Europe' can be found on the official website. Results are on this page and last year's pictures are here.  

Arnaud Demonchy

Tom Horn

Alexandre Bajeux

Jean Phil Bovay

Philippe Ducraux

Dimitri Volpi

Claude Vergier

Amaël Donnet

Yann Roth

Jacopo Loschi

Steve Ammon

David Garrigos

Marcello Prata

Sylvie Piriou

Alexandre Balaud

Romain Lescure

Laurent Meunier

Eric Achard

Antoine Pellaud

Raphaël Gailhac

Frédéric Trolliet

Matthias Wolf

Eddy Vermeulen

Franco Manera

Laurent Pinchaux

Luca Geiser

Patrick Magnin

Laurent Barret

Alain Bonnefoy

Caroline Joyerot Millet

Lisa Lefroy

Pierre Caramobe

Anthony Sire

Valérie Voirol

Samir Ait Tabet

Thierry Lacoste

Lisa Lefroy

Samuel Marty

Guillaume Vadon

Peter Valcke

Alexandre Balaud

Christian Taillefer

Grégory Doucende

Dimitri Volpi

Romain Lescure

Unknown Rider

David Vidaillac

Vincent Grime